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A few of our clients.
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At HNB, sustainability has been a factor for its success and an integral element of the business operations. InterBalance was able to provide HNB with a pragmatic framework, customized tools and the knowledge to further our Sustainability commitment and fully integrate our initiatives with the business strategy.
Dilshan Rodrigo
Chief Operating Officer
Hatton National Bank PLC

As a multifaceted conglomerate Hemas understands the importance of Sustainability and has made the commitment to integrate sustainability within our operations. As a partner InterBalance has helped us enhance our management framework, and provided the relevant tools and systems to assist the Group on its sustainability journey.
Shiromi Masakorala
General Manager, Group Sustainability and Corporate Communications
Hemas Holdings PLC

McLarens is committed to sustainability and firmly believes in constantly measuring its success and impact. InterBalance, has enabled the McLarens Group to build a strong base on which Sustainability performance can be easily measured and provide accurate information for prudent decision making and further driving our sustainability agenda.
Shehara Jayawardana
Jt Managing Director
Mclarens Group

At INSEE Cement Sri Lanka, Sustainability is integrated into our business model and is at the core of our corporate agenda. InterBalance was able to provide a meaningful Sustainability Management Framework which complemented our existing sustainability initiatives and further assisted us in developing a cohesive strategy, going beyond our fully integrated manufacturing plant and connecting across all our business units in Sri Lanka; partnering us on our journey towards a low carbon future.
Sudashini Christopher
Company Communications & Reputation Manager
INSEE Cement, Sri Lanka