Who we are

Incorporated in October 2015, InterBalance is a boutique consultancy services provider in the fields of Sustainability and Risk Management. Having consulted a varied range of local corporates since 2015, InterBalance, harnesses the collective and individual expertise and experience of its founding members, who lead the pioneering efforts of their employers in the fields of sustainability integration, sustainability reporting and risk management in Sri Lanka.

InterBalance provides its services through its customizable Sustainability Management Framework and Risk Management Framework, by assessing the material challenges faced by its clients, and together establishing practical organisational processes and structures to integrate sustainability and risk management within their operations. InterBalance delivers its consultancy services through 4 key areas; Value Chain based Sustainability Integration, Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance, Business Process Optimization & Internalized Business Assurance, and Training, Analytics & MIS implementation"

Our Credentials

InterBalance is also a licensed sustainability assurance provider certified by AccountAbility UK, and ensures that subsequent to consultancy services, the client is not only in a position to entrench sustainability within its DNA, but is also prepared for sustainability and integrated reporting, and ready for external assurance audits carried out under both ISAE3000 and AA1000 Standards.

As the GRI Data Partner for Sri Lanka since 2018, InterBalance also serves as the on-the-ground contacts for the Amsterdam based Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), identifying and processing information with regard to sustainability reporting trends in the country. This mutually beneficial partnership, enables InterBalance to keep abreast of local, regional and global sustainability reporting trends and practices.


To be the country’s leading Sustainability, Risk Management, Continuous Improvement and innovation solution provider, facilitating a client’s journey towards sustainable development and holistic value creation for all its significant stakeholder groups.

Meaning of the Logo

Our logo symbolizes the economic, environmental and social solutions that our clients can avail themselves through the implementation of a sound triple bottom line performance strategy. The blue represents the value creation and cost savings possible through sustainability and strategic sourcing solutions, while the green and orange signifies the environmental and social performance that a client aspires to. The red signifies enterprise risk management, which while representing our risk management solutions, also symbolize through its placement, that the mitigation of risks relating to an economic, environmental and social perspective, would be covered if the other three areas are managed.